The Importance of Posture:
Introducing the Triple S

with Lara Heimann, PT, NDTC, ERYT-500, Founder of LYT

In this four-hour online course, we will delve into the principles of the Triple S: skull, scapula, and sacrum. We'll examine how their alignment promotes more efficient movement and positively affects the body's systems.

4 CEU's

Yoga Alliance & ISSA

What's Included

Anatomy of Posture

Learn accessible anatomy and how it supports optimal posture. Topics include spinal curves as well as neural motor planning.

Posture Lab

Explore exercises you can do on the floor, at the wall, and standing using simple props like a chair, blocks, towel, and broomstick.

Movement Application

Take the knowledge from the lecture and drills from the lab onto a mat and move slowly and with purpose to put these principles into practice.

Class Rationale

The WHY is important. Lara breaks down every move from the class and how it supports your ongoing neuromuscular postural reeducation.

Meet Lara Heimann


A practicing physical therapist and yoga teacher for 25 years, Lara Heimann holds a B.A. in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and an M.S in Physical Therapy, all from Duke University, as well as a Post Grad Certification in Neurodevelopmental Training and Recovering Function Organization through Stanford University. Combining her educational background and her passion for movement, Lara attended her first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 1999 and noticed that anatomy was missing from the conversations in yoga training. In the years to follow, Lara developed and refined the LYT Method, combining physiology, kinesiology and neurology and functional movement patterns to yield a more cohesive philosophy. In 2011 Lara opened up the first official LYT Yoga Studio, Yoga Stream, in Princeton NJ, and began to share her teachings through a codified and extensive LYT Teacher Training offered online and year round for students all over the world.

 Are you READY to change your posture and your life?

Anatomy for Everyone


Learn from Lara as she shares decades of research-based information about posture. Discover how, with just a few tools, you can bring more balance and energy to your body.

Course includes:

  • Lecture on postural anatomy and how it affects the body's systems.
  • Lab using simple props to bring more awareness.
  • Gentle class to apply these concepts within movement.
  • Class breakdown where Lara explains the rationale behind each movement.

Introductory Price


Regularly $150

  • 4 hours of pre-recorded content
  • English closed captions
  • 4 hours of CEU's through ISSA & Yoga Alliance

"I love how Lara describes posture as 'knowing how we inhabit space',
it brought another layer of awareness to how I hold my body."